Breed: Labrador Retriever

Age: Adult

Sex: M

Size: L
Hey there! So far they girls have noticed that I have plenty of energy behind me, love the company of other dogs an am sure handsome. I do need some manners, but for the most part am a really nice dog. More on me soon.
Sisco is a happy-go-lucky pup who let's nothing ruin his day. He looks to be pretty close to a purebred lab. Being a country dog this sweet guy is getiing use to the whole walking on a leash thing when he would rather be running! Sisco like most half puppy/half adult does need a good size amount of mental stimulation. He is not a dog you could take home and leave in a yard all day. Having a canine buddy does help Sisco's boredom a lot. He tends to prefer females to male dogs. The best thing for him however is to teach him tricks and get his mind active not just his body! He loves to learn especially if there is a treat involved afterwards. With his amount of energy he would do best in a area with lot's of room and plenty of excercise.
Sisco seems to like the water and would love to accompany you to the beach. He is a very quick learner, he has just about mastered sit, and listens even better with a treat in hand! ;)
Sisco walks well on a leash and is very close to being 100% housetrained. He would really love to find a home. If interested please contact the shelter today!

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Contact: Bonnyville District SPCA | Bonnyville, AB